This and that

For a long time, I haven´t heard the song from Adele. It is quite an old school song right now, I would say.
Hello, it´s me. And for a reason the photos I want to upload here can not be in a format which looks nice so before it will get fixed I would like to share some memories from my travels.
This video was created from my photos from Lapland which was one of the most amazing trips ever. One of the proofs that when you cross the Artic Circle, things get unique and unforgettable!

This is my blog( I suggest) and I am going to post here things I am curious about and things which will (hopefully) make you curious!
Still, I am one of the laziest people suffering from procrastination(which even statistically does not exist).
No worries, I am going to change it. Step by step.

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